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DVD-Chat is an email discussion group for DVD and Home Cinema enthusiasts. It is not linked to any commercial concern and does not make a profit. While it is hosted from within the "heart of Region 2" (The United Kingdom and South Africa), we welcome participation from other regions. What's the topic? Simply anything at all related to DVD and Home Cinema - personal experiences, questions, answers, interesting information, gossip, rants... it's all welcome here.

Rules and Etiquette

As far as possible, the list aims to be a free-speech area. Please be aware that the comments expressed belong to the person expressing them, not the group or the list administrators. Please however try to obey the following rules*
  • Please do not post advertisements for your own commercial services. Selling and swapping of second-hand titles between members is fine, as is letting other members know of any sites you've found... but we don't want our members to be spammed - you know what we mean.
  • Please be aware that list members live in different countries, so where relevant, indicate if a topic or information is specific to a particular geographic location.
  • If you're answering a post, please quote and attribute above your reply - and edit out what is not relevant.
  • Be nice to each other.
* The administrators take a Judge Dredd approach to maintenance. We will always be fair, but abusers will simply be unsubscribed if they refuse to behave.

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Its easy! Simply go to this Mailman page

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Contact Brett or Rory if you have any other questions.